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We believe it is important to ensure that less or no plastic granulate ends up in the environment. We are therefore affiliated with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) and take the necessary control measures.

We are active in the petrochemical industry, so we are dealing with plastic granules in transport, our own cleaning and warehousing. Although strict environmental, safety and quality controls are applied in the industry, unintentional loss of pellets can still occur at different stages of the chain.

Based on the OCS program, we have included various control measures in our procedures to prevent the loss of plastic pallets.

All our employees who deal with granules receive instructions to prevent product loss. We also use promotional material and signage to maintain awareness and inform third parties. We actively ask our suppliers involved in the relevant processes to also commit to OCS, with the aim of promoting awareness throughout the entire chain.

Despite all measures, product loss may occur. Should this occur, our employees have been given instructions and tools to clean up spilled product as quickly as possible. Such an incident will be evaluated to prevent recurrence and tot test the effectiveness of the control measures taken.  

There have been no incidents in this area so far in 2023. If such an incident occurs, it will be reported here.

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